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Get Discovered & Grow Your Planet on YouTube


Presented by Pierre XO,
Established YouTuber, Musician & Artist.

With a long career within the creative arts; I've found success in combining multiple disciplines in a cohesive, thriving social media presence. Now, my secrets are open to you.

In this course we will cover

How I went from Broke, Struggling Artist to Living my Dream Life.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this Course for?

This course is mostly aimed at beginners looking to build their own successful YouTube Channel. However, it also covers important key strategies that even experienced creators can learn from as well! Most importantly, this course is designed to save you the time of sifting through other tutorials & courses to finally find what works.

Does this actually work?

These are all methods, strategies & information that took years of research & trial and error to develop. I still personally use all of these strategies currently which have led to a thriving, successful social media presence.

Is it hard to understand?

I have specifically tailored this entire course to be as easy to understand as possible. I've seen many other tutorials & courses online that flood you with confusing information and this course is made to cut through the fluff & directly turn you into a successful YouTube Planet!

"Pierre has a way of making complicated concepts
entertaining and easy to understand"

"Pierre has a way of making complicated concepts
entertaining and easy to understand"

"Wow, this actually works."

Black Sky



Welcome to the S.P.A.C.E System!

XO YouTube Masterclass Official Ebook.pdf

71.1 MB

XO YouTube Masterclass Official Ebook (Smaller File Size).pdf

22.5 MB

1. SPACE SYSTEM Introduction.mp4

1 min

Live Demonstration

A Live Demo of how I produce a YouTube Video from start to finish.

2. Space System Filming Demo.mp4

12 mins

3. Editing Demo Part 1.mp4

9 mins

4. Editing Demo Part 2.mp4

13 mins

5. Thumbnail Creation Demo.mp4

10 mins

6. Publishing Demo.mp4

5 mins

1. Seed the Soil.

In order to find out what grows, you must seed the soil to see what does.

7. Seed the Soil.mp4

9 mins

2. Prepare Your Ship

Paint your Spaceship & have it stand-out on a new planet. This section covers the DNA of Thumbnails & Titles. Super Important.

13. Prepare your Ship The SECRET.mp4

6 mins

8. Prepare your Ship Intro.mp4

7 mins

10. Prepare Your Ship Titles.mp4

10 mins

12. Prepare your ship Analysis.mp4

11 mins

9. Prepare your Ship Thumbnails.mp4

12 mins

3. All Aboard

Time to bring your passengers aboard your new spaceship. This section covers the actual creation of the video itself & what makes an engaging video.

14. All Aboard Intro & Equipment.mp4

7 mins

15. All Aboard Editing.mp4

11 mins

16. All Aboard The Secret.mp4

8 mins

4. Come Back Home

Now that your passengers are on your spaceship, it's time to bring them back to your new planet. This section covers overall audience retention and the secret to the YouTube Algorithm.

17. Come Back Home Intro & Retention.mp4

4 mins

18. Come Back Home ALGORITHM Secret.mp4

9 mins

19. Come Back Home Branding.mp4

12 mins

5. Expand the Planet!

It's time to finally grow & expand your thriving planet. This section covers branding & platform expansion.

20. Expand the Planet!.mp4

11 mins

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